Personalized Dog Treat Ball® Jar

Personalized Dog Treat Ball


The personalized treat jar looks great on your countertop and allows for easy access to your furry friend’s snacks! We used glass etching cream with stencils to make our treat jar feel chic and modern, but you can also use stickers for an easier way to customize for your pet! While we show this treat jar for dogs, you can also make this a jar for other household storage needs- sugar, flour, coffee, granola, etc. 

Personalized Dog Treat Ball&Jar


  • 1 Half Gallon or 1 Gallon Ball Jar 
  • Glass Etching Cream 
  • Paint Brush 
  • Painter's tape (optional) 
  • Rubbing Alcohol + Q-Tips (to fix up any imperfections) 


Step 1: Make sure your Ball jar has been washed and is thoroughly dry before starting. 

Step 2: Apply your stencil to the front side of the jar (where the Ball® logo is) and press on well. If you are using stencil stickers, make sure they are taut to the glass or if you would rather use painter’s tape to attach, you can do so now. 

Step 3: Apply the etching cream according to the package instructions. Use rubbing alcohol and Q-tips to fix any imperfections. 

Step 4: Once the etching cream has dried, run the jar under water to remove the outer layer of etching cream. This takes a little bit of time. Dry the jar completely. Remove the tape and stickers and marvel at your impeccable glass etching skills! 

Step 5: Fill the jar with your dog’s favorite treats. Enjoy!